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"Brands that aren’t embracing mobile, that aren’t there in the moments that matter to people, are basically sending the message that they don’t want to be in people’s lives. The results we’ve seen when we’ve enabled our clients’ brands through mobile-optimized websites and search optimization tell us that mobile is the preferred channel of engagement for a fast-growing number of consumers". —Chia Chen, SVP, Mobile Practice Director, Digitas

"The unprecedented, dizzying pace of mobile technology advancement and consumer adoption will make mobile the most disruptive mass medium, with wide-ranging effects for both advertisers and consumers. Its unique functionality, 24-hour access and engaging interface have created the potential for more effective and efficient advertising than ever before.

The best starting point for most brands is to invest in a mobile-optimized site. The recent explosive growth in search behavior means that mobile traffic is coming whether you are prepared or not. Our clients have increased conversions by over 250% just from optimizing their smartphone sites."
—Paul Gelb, VP, Mobile Practice Lead, Razorfish

"If your business isn’t optimized for mobile, it might as well be invisible. Mobile isn’t going to be a medium. It’s going to be the medium."
—Edward Boches, Chief Innovation Officer, Mullen


A couple of years back when people just used a computer to access the internet, all you needed was a website to standout. If your company even bothered to have a web presence, it was presumed you must have something special! These days, technology moves so fast that your “cool, edgy” website now looks like it was unearthed from the ashes of Pompeii when people access it from their mobile phone. If you are looking to take your business to the “next level”, it’d be wise to get a Mobile Website for your business that is tested, tried and developed using true web design features recommended by industry professionals. MoMetro Mobile is carefully developed with every single feature keeping you, the business owner and your customer in mind.

Easy Content Editor

You don’t have to be technical wizard to modify and manage your mobile optimized web-presence. You don’t have to understand, read, or write HTML code nor purchase expensive web developer software. You can edit and update awesome mobile content, add photos, links, and blog about your business on-line, all through our very simple(web-based) content editor.

Click to Call

71% of mobile searches are for more information such as a phone number, address or contact information. The visitors that find your mobile site are trying to find and contact you. With a MoMetro Mobile Website, you can now have your visitors instantly connect to you from their mobile devices. Having click to call on your mobile website will lead to more calls, clients and profits!

Driving Directions

More and more customers are surfing the web while on the go. Often times they just want to call you to get driving directions. Enable your visitors to view step-by-step instructions to reach your business from wherever they are with just one click of a button on your mobile website. GPS featured directions will keep bringing customers to your door.

Mobile Traffic Statistics

With a MoMetro Mobile website, you can gather analytical data about your mobile audience like  page hits, unique visitors, number of people who call your business etc. Using the dedicated Analytics tool you can easily profile and analyze traffic accessing your site and streamline your marketing efforts for your business.

QR Code to Mobile Website

Having a Mobile Website in combination with QR Codes is the latest in Mobile Marketing Technology. With the explosion in smart phone users, people are using QR codes more and more every day and this trend will increase exponentially in the upcoming months. Your business, no matter how small or large, could benefit from having a MoMetro mobile website used in conjunction with QR codes in a number of ways. One simple example would be that you could save on print ads by giving basic information in print and a printed QR code linked to your MoMetro mobile site. Your MoMetro site can contain unlimited pages and data about your organization or yourself. The less you present in print the more money you will save.

Multiple Locations

Have multiple locations or branches? No problem! With a MoMetro Mobile website you can support one to many locations. When your customers are searching for your business, the mobile website will let the pick the location closest to their current location or search for a location by Zipcode, City or State. Once they select a location, it will provide them a GPS –Enabled directions right to that location. Don’t let your potential customer call you get directions or choose your competitor just because they couldn’t locate your business.

Promote Coupons

As more and more users acquire smart phones, they will want to exploit the improved capabilities of their devices with new features and services, especially when it is going to save them money. Today, the local search space is rapidly changing. If you are a local business you need to stay on top of the latest trends and be willing to take chances on new ways to find customer. Most importantly, you need to find ways to integrate your advertising strategies across various platforms to ensure they reach potential customers/clients wherever they may be. Mobile Coupons is one of them. In 2014, it is projected that more than 300 million people will be redeeming coupons on their mobile phones worldwide. With a MoMetro Mobile website, you can very easily place and maintain a Mobile Coupon.

Custom Branding

Your Mobile Website should be as unique as your business. When we create a Mobile Website for your business, we custom design your website with your logos, artwork, tab colors, background colors etc. With MoMetro you get a high quality custom branded website for a reasonable and fair price.

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